Youngsters gather to give Shildon a Big Spring Clean

Shildon’s annual ‘Big Spring Clean’ & Easter Fun event took place at Jubilee Fields Community Centre on Wednesday 12th April.

A Town Council spokesperson said: “This event was made possible by the support provided by all the organisations involved; Street Scene at Durham County Council, who provided the litter picking kit, Jubilee Fields Community Centre staff, Shildon Alive – A St John’s Church Project staff and volunteers, Shildon Ignite staff and youth volunteers, Health Express and PCP staff and finally One Point staff team.

“Thank you also to the Town Mayor for her support.

“We would also like to thank the Direct Works team from Shildon Town Council who were on hand to remove all the collected rubbish.

“We would like to extend our biggest thanks to all the children and young people who attended the event and to parents and carers who brought their children along.

“The Easter Disco, which was provided by Crazy Carl, proved especially popular, keeping all the children, young people, mums and dads on the dance floor throughout the event.”

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