Campaign secures Coronation car park

Local campaigners are celebrating after a ten-year campaign to provide a car park for residents of Richard Terrace in Coronation finally came to fruition recently.

Under the leadership of Mr K Beal, Chairman of the Dene Valley Parish Council, the much needed car parking space has finally been allocated, making the road outside of David Terrace, a main route between Newton Aycliffe and Bishop Auckland, safer.

“We have been campaigning for this for ten years since the school closed making land available,” said Councillor John Moore.

“Although it was disappointing that the County Council couldn’t make this possible, it is heartening that the volunteers at the Parish Council were able to buy the land and, using their own funds, created the parking space.”

The Parish Council, which is run by volunteers, meets every second Monday of the month at Prince Bishops Community Primary School at 6:30pm.

“Everyone is welcome to come along to voice any concerns they may have about the neighbourhood,” added Cllr Moore.

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