Leek show season continues

It was the Old Shildon WMC leek show at the weekend and Gary Richardson won first prize with 244 cubic inches.

His father Brian was 2nd, being put back a place with 284 ci. Tommy Gray was third with 249 ci.

Gary pretty much cleaned up in the veg section, winning each of one fresh pulled onion, two dressed onions, three flat bottomed onions, beetroot, tomatoes, intermediate leek and tray of veg categories.

Barry Lowery won the parsnips and long carrots, while Dave Snowball won the stump carrots.

In the flower section, Barry Lowery won the vase of flowers, the sprays and vase of three chrysanthemum.

Gary Richardson won the vase of dahlias and Dave Snowball the carnation.

Down at the Fox And Hounds, Joss Aldworth won his 4th show of the season, winning with 267 cubic inches.

G Grey was second with 115 and B Woodward was 3rd.

Joss also won the long carrots, the tray of veg, the parsnips and shallots.

M Dial won the flat bottomed onions and I Thompson the tomatoes.

In the flower section, T Laybourne won the poms and gladiolas, M Dial the button hole rose, and I Thompson the carnation.

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