Shildon has a new Canon

Shildon Mayor, County Councillor Shirley Quin, joined around 60 other Shildon people at Durham Cathedral on Sunday 5th November for a unique service.

The College of Canons are a body of people both ordained and lay, who support the work of the Cathedral in a number of ways.

The body includes academics and a number of clergy from across the diocese of Durham who have made outstanding contributions to the life of their communities.

On Sunday, Rev’d David Tomlinson, the vicar of Shildon became the Rev’d Canon David Tomlinson and the people were there to cheer him on.

Being admitted to the College of Canons meant Rev’d David had to take public vows, and the Rt. Rev’d Paul Butler, Bishop of Durham described Shildon Alive as one of the ‘most inspirational projects in the region.’

“It is a privilege for me,” said Canon David after the event, “to be part of something so ancient.

“This Cathedral, built as a symbol of power and oppression has, through its 1,000 year history, become something loved by the people of Durham.

“Its bishops and clergy stood alongside the miners in the 1980s, marched with the people of Shildon as the works were closing, and today it stands as a symbol of hope in an uncertain world.”

This is the first time that Shildon has had any representation in the life of the Cathedral since the days of Canon Corden, who left the town in 1978.

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